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Do you know that sometimes having a big penis is not enough to satisfy a woman?  Read my Volume Pills review so you will know why this kind of observable fact happens.  I even know someone who has this sort of problem.

volume pills reviewsOver the years, it has been debated whether women prefer men with bigger penis over those who have the average size.  Before male enhancement became popular, this question was seldom asked.

Personally, I believe that women prefer men who own a bigger arsenal.  This belief is also based on my experience.  However, I am not here to talk about how to increase your size and girth.

My Volume Pills review is about how vital it is to have a greater semen volume.  The product being reviewed is called a Volume enhancer.

I know you’ve heard a lot about natural male enhancement pills, male enhancement exercises and male extenders.  Most men, including me, believe that the only way to give a woman the best sexual experience is to have a big penis.

That is until some men who have big dicks reported that they are not satisfied with their sexual performance.  And the cause of the problem?  They have low ejaculation volume and they don’t have ejaculation control.


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The big “O” seems to be impossible…

Larry, our next door neighbor, have had sexual problems ever since.  He is already 40 years old and he is married for 5 years but he has no children.  We had a chat one day and he finally opened up when he learned that I am well versed when it comes to male enhancement.

He said that he don’t have any problem with his penis size.  He’s main concern is he has low quality of semen and he has a very low ejaculation volume.  He confessed that tends to ejaculate before his wife reaches the climax.

I told him that it was a heck of a problem.  Lucky for him, his wife was able to sustain all these years without the luxury of experiencing orgasm.

So I recommended that he should try Volume Pills.  I told him that it was one of the top volume enhancers.  I also told him to inform me about his progress so I can write a factual Volume Pills review.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to make my friend some sort of a lab rat, I simply believe that the product will help him.


volume pills reviews


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Bonus information in this Volume Pills Review – The List of Ingredients

    • Solidin – This type of amazing organic substance includes a component which has been proven in a variety of researches to enhance sexual desire and satisfaction.volume pills ingredients
    • Xi lan rou gui and Hong hua fen –  these herbs are able to improve bloodstream circulation for the penis, resulting in a harder erection to occur.
    • Ku Gua – been particularly decrease excess body fat therefore growing body testosterone amounts.  Also helps individuals with all forms of diabetes and upset stomach.
    • Dong Chong Xia Cao – This unique agent boosts testosterone production, thus helping enormously for your sexual improvement.
    • Tian Men Dong – Well suited for males battling with erection dysfunction.
    • Ling Zhi – known to improve endurance and energy. Furthermore promising anti-microbial, and anti-oxidants that may elevate the atmosphere and enhance an individual’s spirit and vigor.
    • Fucus Vesiculosus – Enhances libido and overall penis health.
    • Xian Mao – an aphrodisiac use by our Chinese ancestors, regarded as an all-natural replacement for the blue pill.
    • Drilizen – Raises a man’s growth hormones and improves erectile capacity.


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What about Volume Pills SCAM?

In you’ve carefully read this Volume Pills Review; you know that the product is not a scam.  However, there are some men who considered this product a scam.  The reason:  They thought that this product is a revolutionary way of increasing your penis size. (lame!)

Here are the advantages and disadvantages assessed in this Volume Pills review.   You may have to take a closer look at this because the information given is based on facts.

This is unlike other reviews that will give you just the good side of the product.  (The information given below is the result my friend Larry shared with me after he took Volume Pills within 4-6 months.  Results may VARY.)


Advantages found in this Volume Pills Review

    • Volume of ejaculation increased by more or less 500%. volume pills
    • From poor ejaculation to huge spraying power.
    • Your orgasms intensity will be tripled.
    • Improved blood flow to the penis will definitely give you harder erections.
    • NO SIDE EFFECTS.  The product has 100% natural ingredients.
    • 6 month money back guarantee.

Obviously, my friend’s story had a happy ending.


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Disadvantages found in this Volume Pills Review

    • You may notice bigger erections but it doesn’t mean that your penis increased in any way.  You will not notice any changes in your penis length or girth when it is flaccid. This is only a result associated with having better erections due to an improved blood flow going in your penis.
    • The product may be a bit expensive compared with other volume enhancers.
    • NO free shipping outside U.S.


To End my Volume Pills Review

This product is best for men who have low sperm count and a slacking sex life.  Loads of semen can indeed intensify orgasm.  One expert explained that women are turned on when they can see loads of spraying semen because it is associated to their primeval instinct to reproduce.

The product has been promoted to increase your semen volume but it never mentioned that it will increase your penis size.  For those men who reported that the product is a scam, I guess you better start to improve your comprehension and stop your delusions.

The best way to increase your penis size is through penis exercises mixed with male enlargement pills.  Volume pills is definitely one of the best volume enhancers but it is not an enlargement pill.  I hope to have helped you understand more about the nature of the product in this Volume Pills Review.


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