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virility pills reviewsIn some male enhancement forums, it has been debated if Virility Pills Reviews are scam!  The reviews have been the object of discussion because it tries to influence the consumers by giving misleading promises.

In the world of male enhancement, there is another product which claims to solve your sexual issues.  Virility Pills, like most male enhancer pills, promises to increase your penis length and girth.  It also guarantees to give you a rock solid erection.


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Here’s what you will find in most Virility Pills Reviews.


The product can increase your penis size up to 3.5 inches and widen your girth up to 25%.  It should also give you the stamina and endurance needed for longer hours of sex.

It boasts that its highly potent ingredients can do all that it promised.  A virility pill is packed with Muira Pauma, Velvel Deer Antler, Gingko Biloba, Panax Ginseng, Cayenne Fruit and Yohimbe.

virility pills reviewsIf you have been doing some research about male enhancement pills, you can actually identify that most of its ingredients can be found in various male enhancement brands.

Those ingredients mentioned have been utilized as testosterone booster.  Some of it increases the blood flow in your penis.


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I asked someone who used the product.  He doesn’t want to divulge his name so we may just call him John.

He said that he tried the product after reading a few Virility Pills Reviews because it is cheaper compared to other male enhancement products.


Here are John’s lists of the product’s Pros and Cons.


    • It can increase your penis size.
    • It can help you control orgasm.
    • It has a free bottle of Liquid Rx and free access to romance guide for every purchase of six bottles.
    • It has a 90 days money back guarantee offer


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    • It has less potent ingredients compared to other brands.
    • No free shipping and handling.
    • The main site is not very informative in terms of how the product can do what is say it can do.
    • There are less positive testimonials if you visit male enhancement forums.


virility pills reviewsJohn explained that although the product is cheaper, it may cost you the same amount if you will try the more popular male enhancement pills like VigRx Plus.  He believes so because Virility pills is quite slow in giving you the result.  He eventually returned the product before the 90 day period is over.

Good thing is he got his refund.  So at least, it is safe to say that the product is not a scam.


Virility Pills Reviews vs My own principle in increasing your penis size.


The reviews tell you that the product can do this and that but it doesn’t show you how it can do it.  Moreover, I have always believed that hard work pays off.  Virility Pills Reviews promises you “miracles” at a cheaper price. If you are the lazy type of mammal, you would easily buy that.

But there is no such thing; you need to do the male enhancement exercises so you can have a lasting result.  I mixed up the pills with exercises and it’s the reason why I got to have a big mojo.


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