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vigrx plus scamBefore I tried using VigRx Plus, I also took into consideration the possibility of a VigRx Plus Scam. FYI 8 out of 10 male enhancement products are Scam! Many male enhancement customers already know this issue but they still fall into a trap.

Male enhancement already caught the eye of most men. And, crafty businessmen won’t slip away this opportunity. They will device whatever scheme in order to entice us to purchase their product.


Here’s how we can find out if VigRx Plus Scam exists.

Top male enhancement scams to avoid

Credit card rip offs. This is usually done by new products promoting themselves as the best in the business. They will guarantee that it is totally safe to handover your credit card information during credit card qualification. Without you knowing, they have already enrolled you in a yearly subscription.

vigrx plus scam“Sugar” Pills. This is type of male enhancers don’t work. Period. The company will give you a bonus offer, a male enhancement exercise program and will guarantee a result around 2 to 4 months.

If by some chance, your penile function improved, it is because of the male enhancement exercise program you have been doing religiously. The pills have nothing to do with it.

Money back guarantee. If a company offers a money back guarantee, especially the new ones in the business, try to call their toll free number first. If no one answers it, don’t even bother to try their product. Chances are they don’t have a customer support to process your refund.


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So, does VigRx Plus Scam?

This brand has come a long way before it was embraced by the customers and the critics. This product has been in the business for 11 years now. It is continually improving since its first release on 2000.

To date, there is no VigRx Plus Scam. Before I purchased the product, I checked on customer testimonials, male enhancement forums, and I also check the reorder rates.

It has more positive testimonials, more good feedbacks from forums and most importantly, it has the largest number of reorder rates.

vigrx plus scamYou can argue that positive testimonials and forum feedbacks can be manipulated by advertisers. But you can’t deny the fact that if many people reordered the product, it simply means it’s doing its thing.

Also, most male enhancement pills claims to resolve all your sexual problems by just religiously swallowing their pill. VigRx Plus recommends that you have to do the penis enlargement exercises so you can get the best result.

Unlike one of the scams that I have mentioned previously, many already used VigRx Plus without doing penile exercises and they say it worked. The product only encourages their customers to do so because it still believes that the penile exercises can help greatly help in increasing your length.

There might be VigRx Plus Scam being reported but I can assure you that it may be a coming from a competitor dying to eliminate the competition. Trust those men who reordered the product since they are a lot more in number than those saying that “VigRx Plus Scam!”


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