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I have tried various male enhancement methods and I was totally disappointed.  I wanted to share my knowledge about male enhancements so I created my own VigRx Plus Review. vigrx plus reviews

You’ve probably heard about the product but I am quite sure you’ve missed some important things that can surely help.

First of all before you try VigRx Plus or any other male enhancement product, have you asked yourself if you really need it?  I am over forty now and I have thought about this matter for a long time before I decided I needed some help.

I have an average length and all the while I thought it is enough to satisfy my wife.  At some point in life when you have to think deeper and getting more honest with yourself you will soon realize that there is something lacking.

And so my pursuit to ultimate sexual satisfaction began.  And as I have mentioned, I have been disappointed before.  Until…


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VigRx Plus Review – the untold facts about male enhancements

I’ve decided that I am going to create my VigRx Plus review according to facts alone.  Forget about other men’s testimonials.  Don’t believe in the easy way out.  I failed again and again because I was looking for a “miracle pill” before or a miracle method if you want to call it.vigrx plus reviews

I can guarantee one thing in this VigRx Plus Review. Not all male enhancements are SCAM!  They really work.  But you have to be careful who to listen to.  Most of the products promise great sex and a bigger penis in no time and no effort done.  I wish all of it was true.  But the fact remains: You have to work hard for it!

The product that change my opinion about male enhancers.

It is quite obvious.  I use VigRx Plus and until now this is the only brand that has opened my true sexual potentials.  I didn’t know I can last that long or if I can still increase my penis or If I am capable of giving multiple orgasms: Until I tried VigRx Plus.

VigRx Plus in my opinion is the best male enhancement pill because of its ingredients.  I think this is the only brand that can increase your penis size without doing male enhancement exercises.

Having said that, VigRx Plus still recommends that you do the easy to follow male enhancement exercises because it is the only way to have a “noticeable” increase in your penis length and girth.


These are the things that VigRx Plus can do for you:

    • It can increase your penis length and girth.
    • Boost your sexual endurance and increase your sex drive.
    • Deep, Powerful and Multiple orgasms.

Did I get to experience all of it? YES.  For the first two months I actually noticed that my stamina is increasing, my penis is getting bigger during erection and I am more excited at the thought of having sex.

The following months were awesome.  I kept improving and this time my efforts paid off.  I noticed I have a two inch increase in my penis length even when it is flaccid.

So, even without the needed blood flow to expand my penis it still looks big.  It really is a BIG difference.


vigrx plus reviews


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For you to better understand what the pill contains, I have listed the ingredients in this VigRx Plus Review

    • BIOPERINE – safely enhances the intake rates of ingredients mixed with it. Bioperine can make supplements become more effective if it is properly blended with the other ingredients.vigrx plus reviews
    • MUIRA PAUMA – may be used to revive sexual virility to ensure that you are able to improve your libido.
    • CATUABA BARK EXTRACT – It’s stated that typical consumption of Catuaba bark in the course of time brings sensual dreams which are later transformed to elevated sexual interest.
    • HAWTHORN BERRY – is loaded with bioflavonoids. These compounds are efficient anti-oxidants which definitely help enrich the bloodstream circulation.
    • EPIMEDIUM LEAF EXTRACT – Horny Goat Weed is its popular name.. It’s been employed for centuries to become a libido booster.


These are all natural ingredients and they are 100% safe and effective.  But the secret to VigRx Plus achievement is the successful utilization of Bioperine.  This ingredient was perfectly blended with the other ingredients to improve the efficacy of the pill.

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Is VigRX Plus a Scam?

The product declared that it is not approved by FDA.  There are some male enhancers which claimed that otherwise.  The truth is FDA will not approve any male enhancers.  But it is the only product being recommended by FDA.  VigRx Plus is honest enough to point out its drawback and it is definitely not a SCAM.

Also, it is the only product that shows the result of the medical test done to prove its safety and effectiveness. (Check out official website)


The Pros and Cons are revealed in this VigRx Plus Review


    • VigRx Plus is proven to help you increase your penis length and girth that is why it is recommended by medical experts.
    • It offers free shipping, free male enhancement exercises DVD and free access to male website.
    • It has a 67 day money back guarantee. It may seem not too much but I can guarantee that you’ll be seeing the result within 30 days of using it.
    • It passed medical tests to prove its efficacy.
    • Great customer support

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    • The product is far more superior to any other male enhancement pills but it can only be purchased online.  It could have widened its market so it can help more men.
    • Personally, I didn’t like the male enhancement exercise program that comes for free together with the package.


Since I understand the importance of incorporating male enhancement supplements with penile exercises I have created my own comprehensive male enhancement exercise program which is guaranteed to help you increase your penis length and girth. 

All you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter (It’s on the right) and I will send the male enhancement exercise eBook absolutely free of charge.


My conclusion

vigrx plus reviewsIn this VigRx Plus Review I have mentioned that you still need to do the male enhancement exercises.  True enough, but my efforts paid off because of the pills potency.  The easy exercises could not have produced great results if not for the pill.

In this VigRx Plus Review it was also noted that male enhancers that has many promises are proven to be all hype.  I have been disappointed before because I believed in such schemes.  This VigRx Plus review is a testament that the product works because it worked for me.


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