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This is a review of top male enhancement pills, click below if you are looking for:


Bogus male enhancers may sound like they are qualified to be on the top male enhancement pills list. This is the magic of advertisement. No wonder why companies would spend millions to get their products advertised efficiently.

Customers are willing to try those products because they were led to believe that those products work. I have been using male enhancement pills and I am proactively seeking other pills that work.

I have friends who have shared their insights, reliable testimonials, pills recommended in male enhancement forums and my own personal experience to help me create a correct list of top male enhancement pills.

This will be very helpful because you no longer have to do a research of your own and you no longer have to worry about misleading information (Please check my do not buy list on another diagram). My criteria for this list are efficacy, safety, customer support, refund policy, and reorder rate.






  VigRX Plus MaleExtra Pro Solution Vimax Pills
Over All Rating: 5/5 4.5/5 4/5 4/5
Results: Excellent Very Good Very Good Very Good
Ingredients: All Natural All Natural All Natural All Natural
Size Gain: 2-4 inches 1-2 inches 1-2 inches 1-2 inches
Money back: 67 days 180 days 180 days 60 days
Support: Excellent Excellent Excellent Very Good
Ease of Refund: Excellent Awerage Awerage Awerage
1 Year Supply: $40.83 / bottle $38.24 / bottle $32.41 / bottle $31.66 / bottle
Discounts: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bonuses: Huge Huge Huge Good
Safety: Excellent Excellent Good Very Good
Reorder Rate Excellent Excellent Good Good
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top male enhancement pillsMy first on the list is VigRx Plus. By far, it is the most effective male enhancer in my opinion. It uses Bioperine, an ingredient which can increase the intake rate of other ingredients by up to 30%.

If you are rather well experienced about male enhancement, you should have known that most well rated male enhancers have almost the same line of ingredients. Therefore, the extra 30% that VigRx Plus can give you proves that it is indeed more potent compared to other pills.

Also, it uses an all natural ingredients and VigRx Plus has perfected its formula. This means that it can get all the best from an ingredient and eliminate the compounds that can harm our bodies.

Its customer support is never offline and its refund policy is great. Although the refund policy was rarely tested due to the fact that almost all customers are satisfied with the result.

Lastly, I may have said in the beginning that VigRx Plus is the best in my opinion but the reorder rate agrees to my opinion as well.

VigRx Plus is number one in reorder rate and I think this criterion alone can already tell you that VigRx Plus belongs to the 1 spot among the top male enhancement pills.


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top male enhancement pillsMy Second best is Male extra Pills. This male enhancement supplement is proven to give the result fast. Not as impressive as VigRx Plus but it sure can give you the inches you need. On top of its high quality and standards, it also offers huge bonuses and its refund policy gives you no trouble at all.


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top male enhancement pillsThe third should be Vimax. Vimax is almost perfect in all five categories yet it falls into number three of one reason, it has reported side effects.

Although it has been proven to help in increasing your penis size and sexual endurance, the manufacturer might have over used the ingredient Tribulus Terrestris causing some irritability issues for some customers on long term use.

This is according to medical experts but these complaints are not verified to be true.


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While headaches and irritability may not be as harmful, we basically don’t want to experience any discomfort when taking male enhancement pills. Vimax plunge to 3 on my top male enhancement pills list because of its downside in my “safety category.”

My fourth and fifth top male enhancement pills are Prosolution and Sinrex pills. Both these pills offer a double action result. Both pills claimed that they can increase the length and girth and they can heighten your sexual satisfaction by increasing your stamina and semen volume.

One thing has been proven though, those two can indeed help in ejaculation volume but there are few testimonials that both pills can permanently increase penis size. I only think that Prosolution is better than Sinrex because it offers 180 day money back guarantee while Sinrex only offers 90 days.

I have listed the top male enhancement pills in the business and they truly work. But, remember, these products will not give you free male enhancement exercises if they don’t believe that it can help.


So for better results, take the top male enhancement pills according to its prescribed dosage and follow the male enhancement program and you’ll reap your rewards.






  Vivaxa Enzyte MagnaRx


Not worth a try

Not worth a try








Not worth a try

Customer support:



Not worth a try

Refund policy:


Not worth a try

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Reorder Rate:

Not worth a try

Not worth a try

Not worth a try




This is article is about VigRx Plus Scam, click below if you are looking for:


vigrx plus scamBefore I tried using VigRx Plus, I also took into consideration the possibility of a VigRx Plus Scam. FYI 8 out of 10 male enhancement products are Scam! Many male enhancement customers already know this issue but they still fall into a trap.

Male enhancement already caught the eye of most men. And, crafty businessmen won’t slip away this opportunity. They will device whatever scheme in order to entice us to purchase their product.


Here’s how we can find out if VigRx Plus Scam exists.

Top male enhancement scams to avoid

Credit card rip offs. This is usually done by new products promoting themselves as the best in the business. They will guarantee that it is totally safe to handover your credit card information during credit card qualification. Without you knowing, they have already enrolled you in a yearly subscription.

vigrx plus scam“Sugar” Pills. This is type of male enhancers don’t work. Period. The company will give you a bonus offer, a male enhancement exercise program and will guarantee a result around 2 to 4 months.

If by some chance, your penile function improved, it is because of the male enhancement exercise program you have been doing religiously. The pills have nothing to do with it.

Money back guarantee. If a company offers a money back guarantee, especially the new ones in the business, try to call their toll free number first. If no one answers it, don’t even bother to try their product. Chances are they don’t have a customer support to process your refund.


Click here to visit VigRx Plus official Website


So, does VigRx Plus Scam?

This brand has come a long way before it was embraced by the customers and the critics. This product has been in the business for 11 years now. It is continually improving since its first release on 2000.

To date, there is no VigRx Plus Scam. Before I purchased the product, I checked on customer testimonials, male enhancement forums, and I also check the reorder rates.

It has more positive testimonials, more good feedbacks from forums and most importantly, it has the largest number of reorder rates.

vigrx plus scamYou can argue that positive testimonials and forum feedbacks can be manipulated by advertisers. But you can’t deny the fact that if many people reordered the product, it simply means it’s doing its thing.

Also, most male enhancement pills claims to resolve all your sexual problems by just religiously swallowing their pill. VigRx Plus recommends that you have to do the penis enlargement exercises so you can get the best result.

Unlike one of the scams that I have mentioned previously, many already used VigRx Plus without doing penile exercises and they say it worked. The product only encourages their customers to do so because it still believes that the penile exercises can help greatly help in increasing your length.

There might be VigRx Plus Scam being reported but I can assure you that it may be a coming from a competitor dying to eliminate the competition. Trust those men who reordered the product since they are a lot more in number than those saying that “VigRx Plus Scam!”


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This article is about VigRx Plus Ingredients, click below if you are looking for:


vigrx plus ingredientsAlmost 80% of male enhancement pills don’t work! Do you know the reason why? Because most of its ingredients are not potent enough to give you the result.

VigRx Plus, arguably the best male enhancement pill, brags about its efficacy and safety. So, let’s take a closer look at the VigRx Plus Ingredients and find out if it is the secret of the product’s ever growing success.


These are the VigRx Plus Ingredients

    • Bioperine – increases the bioavailability of nutritional elements. This ingredient enhances the intake rate of any ingredients that is bonded with it. Basically, it makes the other ingredients more potent.vigrx plus ingredients
    • Epimedium – affects testosterone discharge rate, increasing your sexual desires and sexual stamina.
    • Cuscuta – it decreases your sperm mortality rate. Ancient tribes use this ingredient to cure impotency and used during fertility rituals.
    • Gingko Biloba – Increases blood flow and helps the penis oxygenation levels to help you avoid early manifestations of impotency.
    • Catuaba Bark Extract – this ingredient primarily increases your sexual cravings. Tribesmen use this ingredient to experience sensual visions.
    • Hawthorn berry – It increases oxygen levels and blood circulation to our cardiovascular system.
    • Muira Pauma – increases sexual desire and improves men’s endurance.
    • Asian Red Ginseng – It is widely used in Asia to increase stamina and believed to have aphrodisiacal components.
    • Damiana – helps prolong erection and increases sexual desire.
    • Saw Palmetto – It has been utilized to cure early signs of penile infection and helps develop hormonal balance.


Some of the VigRx Plus Ingredients can be found in other male enhancement pills. However, medical experts say that the success of the product relies mainly on its unique formulation.

The herbs coming from Asia, South America and Europe has been perfectly blended to form a very effective male enhancement pill. Moreover, since all the ingredients are natural, it is 100% safe to use.


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VigRx Plus Ingredients compared to other male enhancement supplements.

Other male enhancement pills may have utilized the same ingredients but it is evident that VigRx Plus stands out among the rest. These ingredients, although they are all natural, may cause side effects or allergic reactions if not properly mixed together.

vigrx plus ingredientsIt is widely known that most male enhancement pills don’t work. Worse, some have reported side effects. Gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular issues and irritation have been experienced by some customers who tried other brands.

These things happen because of the lack of knowledge to manipulate the herb’s compounds. Choice of ingredients and formulation should always go hand in hand to form an effective supplement.

This should depend on years of research and study. VigRx, since its release in 2000, made some changes to improve its efficacy. VigRx before it became VigRx Plus does not have Bioperine in it.

Although this specific ingredient didn’t contribute to improve male’s sexuality, it helped increase the absorption rate of other ingredients by 30%. This is the key to the product’s success. This is the reason why VigRx Plus Ingredients are more effective than other male enhancement pills.


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This is a review of Virility Pills, click below if you are looking for:


virility pills reviewsIn some male enhancement forums, it has been debated if Virility Pills Reviews are scam!  The reviews have been the object of discussion because it tries to influence the consumers by giving misleading promises.

In the world of male enhancement, there is another product which claims to solve your sexual issues.  Virility Pills, like most male enhancer pills, promises to increase your penis length and girth.  It also guarantees to give you a rock solid erection.


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Here’s what you will find in most Virility Pills Reviews.


The product can increase your penis size up to 3.5 inches and widen your girth up to 25%.  It should also give you the stamina and endurance needed for longer hours of sex.

It boasts that its highly potent ingredients can do all that it promised.  A virility pill is packed with Muira Pauma, Velvel Deer Antler, Gingko Biloba, Panax Ginseng, Cayenne Fruit and Yohimbe.

virility pills reviewsIf you have been doing some research about male enhancement pills, you can actually identify that most of its ingredients can be found in various male enhancement brands.

Those ingredients mentioned have been utilized as testosterone booster.  Some of it increases the blood flow in your penis.


Click here to visit Virility Pills official Website


I asked someone who used the product.  He doesn’t want to divulge his name so we may just call him John.

He said that he tried the product after reading a few Virility Pills Reviews because it is cheaper compared to other male enhancement products.


Here are John’s lists of the product’s Pros and Cons.


    • It can increase your penis size.
    • It can help you control orgasm.
    • It has a free bottle of Liquid Rx and free access to romance guide for every purchase of six bottles.
    • It has a 90 days money back guarantee offer


Click here to BUY Virility Pills Now!



    • It has less potent ingredients compared to other brands.
    • No free shipping and handling.
    • The main site is not very informative in terms of how the product can do what is say it can do.
    • There are less positive testimonials if you visit male enhancement forums.


virility pills reviewsJohn explained that although the product is cheaper, it may cost you the same amount if you will try the more popular male enhancement pills like VigRx Plus.  He believes so because Virility pills is quite slow in giving you the result.  He eventually returned the product before the 90 day period is over.

Good thing is he got his refund.  So at least, it is safe to say that the product is not a scam.


Virility Pills Reviews vs My own principle in increasing your penis size.


The reviews tell you that the product can do this and that but it doesn’t show you how it can do it.  Moreover, I have always believed that hard work pays off.  Virility Pills Reviews promises you “miracles” at a cheaper price. If you are the lazy type of mammal, you would easily buy that.

But there is no such thing; you need to do the male enhancement exercises so you can have a lasting result.  I mixed up the pills with exercises and it’s the reason why I got to have a big mojo.


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This is a Vimax pills Review, click below if you are looking for:


Is your woman satisfied after sex?  To tell you the truth, most men dread to answer this question. We are simply too proud to admit our shortcomings.  And with “shortcoming” I meant something short is “coming in” so women are obviously DISSASTISFIED!

It is tear-jerking but at the same time; funny.  But we can’t afford to laugh at this issue. Penile issues can end relationships and it can even be the cause of broken marriages.


The man who dared is the man who cares…


vimax pills reviews

Take it from my friend, Elmer Pereira, who happened to have read Vimax Pills Reviews.  Elmer has been having personal issues with his wife.  He said that for over ten years, he can deal with financial issues but the sexual issue is nearly impossible to handle.

It is emotionally and psychologically draining.  He said that he is doing almost everything he can during sex but he still feels that he failed to fill the need of his wife.

So after reading the Vimax Pills Reviews, he considered the option of using male enhancement pills.  He admits that it is hard, at first, to finally accept the fact that you have an average penis and your wife needs more than the average. 

But you won’t start looking for remedies unless you know that there is something wrong. Cut it short, he tried Vimax Pills.


Click here to visit Vimax Pills official Website


Below are the reasons why I think he dared to try the product after reading Vimax Pills Reviews.

Vimax is a male enhancement pills that promises to increase your stamina and sexual desire.  It will also increase the blood flow going in your penis giving you a harder and bigger erection.

As a result, you can have intense orgasm each time you have sex. You will have full control over ejaculation.  Your dick can increase 2-3 inches.  And, your wife or partner will be aroused looking at your improved tool.

According to Vimax Pills Reviews, the product can do all it promises because of the natural ingredients found inside the pill.  The ingredients are actually the same ingredients used by other male enhancement.  However, Vimax boasts that it has a perfectly blended its ingredients making it effective and safe.


Click here to visit Vimax Pills official Website


These are some of the ingredients mentioned in Vimax Pills Reviews.

    • Tribulus Terestris Powder – this ingredient is popularly known as a testosterone booster.  This was then later verified by Bulgarian research that it can indeed help in treating Erectile Dysfunction.vimax pills reviews
    • Gingko Biloba – it helps in giving a good blood flow to your penis.  Oxygenation and increased blood circulation during sex is vital.
    • Horny Goat Weed – scientifically known as “Epimedium Sagittatum”, this ingredient will increase your sexual desires.  It also heightens pleasure during sex.
    • Dodder Seed – It is widely utilized to treat impotence and premature ejaculation.
    • Panax Ginseng – This herb can cure infertility.  It can increase your semen volume and helps you control orgasm.


Vimax Pills Reviews also have these Advantages and Disadvantages for you to know if the product fits your needs.

Vimax Pills Advantagesvimax pills reviews

    • Its facilities are FDA approved
    • It offers a very good customer service
    • It has a 60 day money back guarantee
    • Its ingredients are proven to be effective


Click here to BUY Vimax Pills now!


Vimax Pills Disadvantages

    • It only offers discreet shipping.  It would be better if the product can offer a free shipping as well.
    • It takes more time to increase your penis length.


Are Vimax Pills Reviews Scam?


A few reviews might be considered a rip off because it doesn’t disclose very important information.  Some Vimax pills reviews fail to mention that increasing your penis length requires time and exercise.  And you should also consider that you might be allergic to some of its ingredients.

Other than that, Vimax Pills is one of the best male enhancement pills since it has perfected its blend to create an effective and most importantly a safe male enhancement pill.


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This is a Performer5 review, click below if you are looking for:


I have come across a Performer5 review and it claims that the product is a scam.

I got interested about the true nature of the product since I know a friend who has been using the product and he has a different opinion.

So I created my own Performer5 review to understand the product’s ups and downs.

performer5 reviewsThe first question that crossed my mind was “Why are some customers dissatisfied about the product?” I haven’t tried the product myself so this Performer5 review will be totally based on research and my friend’s personal experience.


The true nature of the Performer5

Male enhancement comes in many different forms. There are penis enlargement, penis enhancers and volume enhancers. The product being reviewed right now belongs to the volume enhancers.

Volumes enhancers were created due to the premise that not all men wants to increase the penis size simply because they are already satisfied with their length and girth. However, something is missing during the time they have sex. They have a low quantity of ejaculation.

According to medical experts, low semen volume can lead to unsatisfactory sex life because most men who have this problem don’t have ejaculation control and they have a low erection time. In addition, their erection strength is not fully maximized leading to a rather limp penis during sex.



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How does the Performer5 work?

performer5 reviewsPerformer5 has ingredients that would help increase your semen volume. Zinc is the major ingredient of this product along with other ingredients that can help boost your stamina and erection strength.

I am going to list down all the ingredients in this Performer5 review later on. What’s important for now is for you to understand that the product is basically focused on increasing the semen volume and not increasing the penis size.

So, by taking 3 pills every day, you should be able to: improve your erection size, increase your semen volume 5x more and also increase your sex drive. It will increase your testosterone levels so you are constantly on the go when your partner asks for it.


The lack of ejaculation control resolved – my personal interview in this Performer5 review

I need a person who has actually tried the product so I asked my friend, Todd, to share his experience. Contrary to some of the Performer5 review, my friend is actually happy of the result. He said that his semen volume did increase and his penis health improved as well.

He said that the pill can took care of increasing the sperm volume, however for increased blood flow and for firmer erection one has to follow the free penis exercises. He confessed that a good amount of sperm coming out after orgasm is very important.

He used to be embarrassed before when droplets of sperm come out after sex. But everything has changed now, he claims. His confidence grew every time he had sex. The control and the powerful ejaculation he possesses now makes him look and feel more confident and “strong”.


performer5 reviews


Click Here To Get Performer5

Here are the major Performer5 ingredients

    • Zinc Gluconate and Zinc Aspartate
      Studies done by USDA discovered that the properties found in this ingredient are responsible for keeping your semen healthy.

      To make sure that your semen volume will increase by up to 500%, the manufacturers of the product gives your 150mg of zinc every time you swallow a pill.

      Other benefit of Zinc is it boosts your testosterone levels. It has also been established that men who take zinc supplements produced healthier and more semen after 4 to 6 weeks.

    • Pomegranate
      This ingredient has been proven to increase Nitric Oxide. (NO) is responsible for sustaining a healthy blood flow in to your penis.

      Why do you need a healthy blood flow? It is what separates men who can perform for hours with rock solid erections from men who can’t last in five minutes. I hope you got the idea how important that is.

      And with Performer5 you’ll get 125mg of Pomegranate per serving, it is enough even if you’ll have sex with 3 to 5 different partners in one night. Though I don’t recommend that, I am just trying to make a point.

    • L-arginine
      it will make your erection harder, given that it is mixed together with Pomegranate. You’ll get 500mg per serving.

    • Mucuna Pruriens
      This herb will help you improve your sexual performance and increase your libido. You’ll get 25mg per serving, not too much of it since other ingredients have the same components.

    • Creatine Monohydrate
      This will help you fight fatigue. In other words, this ingredient will keep you going. 35mg is all you get per serving, enough for a 24hr marathon on the weekends!



Click Here To Get Performer5



I believe that the product is not a scam. Whoever thought that it is a scam might have thought that Performer5 can do more than what it promised. Here’s a list of the product’s advantages and disadvantages to end all confusion.


Performer5 Advantages

    • It will give you 500% increase in semen volume.
    • It can enhance your sexual performance. (Longer sex, harder erections and multiple orgasms.)
    • It can cure impotency.
    • Bonuses: Free Vit5, free shipping, free sample of male extra, free online access to LoveCentria and lastly a free DVD about sexual stimulations and positions.
      6 months money back guarantee.


Click Here To Get Performer5


Performer5 Disadvantages

    • Here’s the interesting part. Performer5 is not a male enlargement pill. So even if you will take 3 pills a day for 6 months, your penis will not grow bigger either in length or girth. Please take note of this since I believe that this is the most important info in this Performer5 review.
    • Also, you can’t buy this product over the counter. Your only option is online purchase.


The conclusion

Well, that’s about it. I have clearly stated what the product can do and what it CAN’T do. If you want to try the product, go ahead. Take advantage of the money back guarantee. Also, I can guarantee that the ingredients are natural and there are no side effects. Believe me because I did a thorough research for this Performer5 review.


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This is a Sinrex review, click here if you are looking for:


“Women don’t need a bigger penis in order to be satisfied.  You were led to believe that you need a bigger penis so you will also buy male enhancement products.”

sinrex reviewsThis is according to a medical expert that is against the use of male enhancement.  Read my Sinrex review for you to know more about the product and for you to know what are the things needed to satisfy a woman.

If you have been looking for the right male enhancement supplement lately, you should have come across a brand called Sinrex.  It is considered one of the top of the line male enhancement pills and has gathered a lot of positive feedbacks.

This Sinrex review will primarily talk about the pills ability to help enhance your sex life and also we will talk about issues about how exactly we can satisfy a woman.  After all, male enhancement were not only created to serve our purpose it is also created to help women heighten their sexual experience.


Click here to visit Sinrex official website



Sinrex review – why do we need male enhancements?

The primary reason is to improve our sexual performance.  And, there are a lot of ways on how we can improve it.  You just need to know what you think is lacking.

Not all of us have been lucky enough to have a big “willy”.  Having said that, if you think you lack the size then you should look for male enhancement that is created mainly to help you increase you penis size.

Some of us have problems with erection.  The penis is not necessarily small but it goes limp before you can even finish the round.  Poor thing.  There is also a male enhancement created to resolve this kind of problem.

You may have low ejaculation volume, your sexual interest might have declined, and so on.  And believe it or not our technology already found a way to help us in all these sort of problem.

The point is – we need male enhancers if we feel that our partner is not totally satisfied after sex.


Click here to visit Sinrex official website



Considered to be one of the best – Sinrex male enhancement pills

What I discovered while writing this Sinrex review is, unlike other male enhancers, the product uses a “twin synergy complex”.  If this sounds like a jargon, it actually means that ingredients found in the product is mixed in a way that it will have a higher absorption rate.

These are the results guaranteed by the product.

    • Harder, bigger and longer lasting erections
    • It can enhance your sexual endurance
    • Increase ejaculation volume
    • Experience powerful Orgasms

Most male enhancement pills have been categorized either under volume enhancers or enlargement pills.  I am quite impressed while doing this Sinrex review because the product actually promises to fulfill both needs.

How can it be possible?

It boasts of its highly potent ingredients that can take care of increasing your penis size and as well as increasing your semen volume.



Click here to visit Sinrex official website


To save you all the trouble I’ve listed the ingredients in this Sinrex Review

    • Bioperine – Improves absorption associated with essential organic agents for fast acting effects. This approach is actually an effective natural option in which it can boosts receptors within your system and enhances absorption rates involved with organic supplements.sinrex reviews
    • Copper Chelate – is in fact a crucial health solution in preventing cardiovascular disease. It assists in improving blood flow as well as erection potential.
    • Creatine – is undoubtedly a naturally found nitrogenous non-chemical acid which usually assists to supply vitality to muscle tissue and nerve tissues.  This increases actual physical look and will grow muscle mass.
    • Cuscuta Seed – it again enables erection toughness and improves sexual stamina.
    • Gingko Biloba – It easily deals with erection problem.
    • Epimedium sagittatum -improves sex-related desire, men’s love-making passion and erotic performance
    • Green Tea Extract – Powerful anti-oxidant which enhances vigor as well as an effective fat burner.
    • Hawthorn Berries – Heightens self-confidence and achieve much more powerful extended erections.
    • Inosine – Promotes physical appearance, love-making performance and additionally improves overall energy
    • L-Arginine – Will increase blood flow as well as organically deals with penile erection issue.
    • Maca – Increases sexual energy and increases ejaculation volume
    • Omega-3 – Increases semen quantity
    • Saw Palmetto – Will increase orgasms by stimulating males prostate health
    • Siberian Ginseng – Can cure erectile dysfunction
    • Soy Protein – Substantially improves the flavor of one’s semen.
    • Tribulus Terrestris – Prevents early ejaculations and raises sexual activity.
    • Vitamin E – Improves erection strength and can help increase penis length and girth.


Click here to visit Sinrex official website


Is Sinrex a SCAM?

As long as you order from the official website you won’t get SCAMMED.  There are rumors that there are fake Sinrex sites that accepts orders and process payment transactions.


I’ve also listed the advantages and disadvantages in this Sinrex Review


    • You can have increased semen volume.sinrex reviews
    • You can increase your penis size.
    • You will be capable of giving multiple orgasms.
    • 6 month money back guarantee!
    • Bonus offers:  DVD for better sex guide, free access to a penis enlargement exercise program, free Euro extender penis enlargement device.



Click here to buy Sinrex



    • It doesn’t offer free shipping
    • It is only available online
    • The free male enhancement exercise program is not the best program available.

To make this Sinrex Review beneficial, I have my own male enhancement exercises eBook and I have dedicated my time doing it so that I can share a more comprehensive program and a program that will really increase your Penis size.  All you have to do is to sign up and get it free of charge!


Click here to buy Sinrex



Verdict For This Sinrex Review

The product can really be considered top of the line in the male enhancement industry.  The list of ingredients is actually very impressive; if it is true that those ingredients have been perfectly blended then you may have your perfect male enhancer.

Some things that I have to point out in this Sinrex Review, the package comes with a free male enhancement exercises it never recommended the use of that stuff.

The product claims that it can do it all with just the supplement alone which I found to be rather impossible.

Believe me, if you want to try the product and want the best results do the male enhancement exercises and I can guarantee the result.  That said I have to end my Sinrex Review.


Click here to buy Sinrex



This is  ProSolution reviews, click below if you are looking for:


Be careful when choosing a male enhancement pill!

You definitely hate the idea of getting ripped off and, worse, you certainly don’t want to acquire any kind of side effect.  My Prosolution review is all about taking a closer look at the product’s effectiveness and safety.


The basic things you need to enhance your sexual pleasure.

    • You need to have a bigger penis prosolution reviews
    • You need to have the stamina and ejaculation control

There might be other things to point out but the two “needs” mentioned are the most crucial in my opinion.  You need a bigger penis because women just love a bigger and a harder penis.  It might be open for argument but you have to face it, male enhancement products won’t get this kind of attention if you think women are equally satisfied with the average size.

Next, you need to have the stamina in order for you to fulfill her needs.  You must have control over your ejaculation or else you won’t last until she reaches orgasm.

I happen to have a conversation with a self proclaimed sex guru.  I talked about the product so I can gather more insight about my Prosolution review.  The guy said that Prosolution is one of the leading brands because it gives you the result.

He said that it is a system designed to truly enhance your sexual experience.  It is unlike other male enhancement brands that is more focused on promises but doesn’t have the methods for you to get the result.


Click Here To Visit ProSolution Official Website


Prosolution review – the method that sets Prosolution apart from other male enhancers.

Before we move on, I am going to list the results if you follow the Prosolution system.

    • Increase inches in your penis length and girth.
    • Makes your hard on real HARD. Rock Solid so they say.
    • It heightens your cravings for sex.
    • You will gain control of your orgasms.
    • You will be thinking of sex a lot.


How can you achieve all these?

You have to follow the system.  I noticed something while writing this Prosolution review, which is, the product didn’t promise all the results with just pop-of-a-pill-a-day solution (Like what most male enhancement pills do).

Instead, it clearly says that by taking Prosolution pills you will gain good blood flow in your penis, increase sexual desire, increase your body’s nitric oxide for longer erections and help you boosts your sexual pleasure.

However, for you to gain 1.5 to 2 inch increase in your penis size you can’t rely on the pill alone.  Part of the program is for you to perform the 120 day penis exercise program.  This system is so concise that it guarantees to never fail you as long as you follow the program religiously.

This is the most important thing to note down in my Prosolution review, don’t expect to increase your penis size without doing the Erection System Program.


prosolution reviews


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I want my Prosolution review to be more informative so I took the time to list down the ingredients.  Take time to read the list below.

    • Solidilin – This compound has been proven to enhance sexual motivation. The compound consists of L-Dopa the pleasure-giving natural chemical within the brain.
    • Curculigo – A natural aphrodisiac, utilized mainly in south-eastern part of India.
    • Arjuna – controls heartbeat and blood pressure.  It is very essential for longer sex.
    • Shatavari – proven to help men who are struggling with sexual debility and impotence.
    • Cordyceps – Increases testosterone production.  It is needed to boost your libido.
    • Zinc Oxide – keeps your sperm health in check.
    • Bladderwrack – improves sexual well being and erection enhancement.
    • Reishi Mushroom – increases your stamina.
    • Momordica – has been proven to lessen body fat therefore growing body testosterone levels.
    • Drilizen – increases nitric oxide supplement release increases testosterone production.
    • Cassia and Safflower – These ingredients as vasodilators, they open the blood vessels to encourage more bloodstream flow. To simply put it, increase in bloodstream flow towards the penis leads to a harder erection.


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Are there any reported side effects?

I think this question should not be asked in this Prosolution Review but to answer all queries; THERE ARE NO REPORTED SIDE EFFECTS.  The ingredients are all natural and are definitely safe.


What about SCAMS?

This product is not involved in whatever kind of RIP OFFS.  If there are scams reported that are associated with Prosolution, the company has nothing to do with it.  To simply avoid getting scammed, order the product in its official website.


Here’s also a list of my Prosolution review Pros and Cons


    • It is proven to increase your penis sizeprosolution reviews
    • Proven to give you real hard erections
    • Will increase you craving for sex
    • 6 months money back guarantee
    • Bonus offer includes: Prosolution gel, Free Volume pills (1 box) and free shipping and handling


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    • It is not as potent compared with top male enhancers.
    • It takes time to see the result.


The last say for this Prosolution Review

The product may be deemed as a low quality male enhancer but I would like to refute that.  Although I must admit that the ingredients found in the pill are not as potent compared with other male enhancement supplements, yet it can really help you as long as you follow the program.

Also, it is cheaper compared with other male enhancers therefore it is a wise choice to try the product.

We may hate to hear it but male enhancement will only be successful if you also do the male enhancement exercises.  I think the bonuses offered are very helpful as well because Volume pills can really help in bolstering your ejaculation volume and Prosolution gel can truly give you instant hard on.

A 120 day program might be to exhausting to think about but consider this: 120 day of sacrifice can give you permanent increase in penis size.  Meaning: a lifetime of satisfaction.

Plus, the refund policy exceeds the timeline of the program thus you really have nothing to lose since you can always return it and get your money back.  I really think you should consider this Prosolution review and forget about the “miracle” pills.


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This is a MaleExtra review, click below if you are looking for:


Have you tried male enhancement pills and have been completely disappointed of the result?

Read my Male Extra Review and understand why a lot of men have been disappointed with male enhancement supplements.

maleextra reviewsYou might be wondering now, if these male enhancers don’t work then why would it still be popular in the market? We’ll sure find out!

I am familiar about most male enhancers. I have been doing my research about it for almost 7 years now. Matter of fact, I use male enhancement pills to boost my sexual performance.

Now if you’ll ask me, “Does male enhancement pills work?” My short answer is, YES!

In my Male Extra Review I will give you details about the product. And, I will also tell you why most men failed in their quest to enhance their tool.


Male Extra Review – The basic principle of male enhancements

maleextra reviewsAlmost all male enhancement customers want one thing; to increase their penis size. But there is more to it that you should understand. There are other things necessary other than increasing your dick. I am not saying that increasing your penis is way too easy because it should take time and effort.

To increase your penis size is one answer to the problem. However, in order for you to have the maximum pleasure you will also need stamina and erection strength. What will you do with a long but limp penis anyway?



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The obvious reason why most men fail to enhance their sex life:

    • They are not using the brand that has the ingredients to help them
    • They believe that male enhancement pills is enough to enhance their performance

In this Male Extra Review, I am going to give you the details on how you can avoid failure. Simple details that other reviews or other brands won’t disclose because most of us don’t want to hear it.

So here you are, reading this Male extra review because either you failed and don’t want to experience it again or you just won’t take failure as an option. Either way, I can help you out.


Don’t believe the HYPE! My slogan for this Male Extra Review

I am going to tell you now that taking male enhancement pills alone is not enough. Male enhancement pills should be mixed with male enhancement exercises. Don’t get me wrong, male enhancement pills work but the result is better if you do male enhancement exercises.


maleextra review


If you’ve read testimonials about men who grew their penis up to 3-4 inches by taking male enhancement supplements, it is only half of the truth. The other half is they do male enhancement exercises to increase the efficacy of the pills.

Male Extra is one of the best out there not because they have a magical formula but because they believe in a program. This male enhancer promises to give you:

    • Harder, thicker and bigger hard ones.
    • And, an impeccable erection strength and over all penis health

If you happen to be doing your own research about male enhancers, you will definitely notice that most brands gives a lot of promises unlike the product being reviewed that it only gives you 2 simple promises.

Male Extra can help you achieve these two goals but they recommend that you follow the male enhancement exercise program in Penis Health. And, to make you a better lover you should watch the free DVD’s about sexual techniques and “erotic” massages that can turn on your partner.

These are the details that other brands won’t disclose. Male Extra does have ingredients that can help give a good blood flow in the penis for you to have a bigger erection but the exercise program is the one that can increase your length.

For simple analogy, there are vitamins created for body builders to help them grow more muscle but those supplements can’t give them the result if they won’t lift weights in the gym. Same thing applies if you want to grow your “willy”.



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The list of ingredients that can guarantee safety and efficacy.

    • Pomegranate

      It is the key ingredient in this male enhancer. It can increase erection time and will give you the strength needed for a marathon. It aids to keep your penis blood vessels healthy. Some experts consider it as the best natural Viagra.

    • L-arginine
      It makes the muscles in your penis hang loose to make your erections harder. It acts very similar with Epimedium Sagittatum (another kind of ingredient) and it breaks down nitric oxide for better blood flow.
    • Epimedium Sagittatum
      It relaxes the muscles at work during the time of erection. It allows your penis to stay erect for a long time because it allows a good flow of blood in the penis.
    • Tangkat Ali
      Your testosterone needs to increase during sex so you can consistently perform thus this ingredient gives you just that. It is proven to boost you sexual desire, increase your levels of testosterone and libido.
    • Maca
      It increases your semen volume or sperm count by up to 200%.
    • Zinc
      Same with Maca, it increase your semen volume but this time by up to 500%.



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Is Male Extra a Scam?

NO. There is absolutely no information found associating this product to any form of scam. There is even no reported side effect so far.
The product is up for grabs in the market in case you want to try it.


Before you act, check out my Male Extra Review Advantages and Disadvantages.


    • It can help you increase you tool by up to 3 inches provided that you follow the male exercise program.maleextra reviews
    • It can increase your erection time and help add you ejaculation volume.
    • It has a lot of freebies: DVD’s about sexual techniques, PenisHealth exercise program, Free Vit5 and Performer5 and a lot more.
    • It offers a 180 day money back guarantee.
    • Excellent customer support.



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    • Some men consider it pricey but it’s a can’t-do-it-all product. (nothing is, actually)
    • It is newer compared to other top brands. Some are not yet eager to try it because it may have long term effects.


Conclusion for this Male Extra Review

This male extra review makes it clear that in order for you to succeed you need to find the male enhancement pill that will work for you and you need to do the exercise program and other related sexual techniques to enhance your performance.

If you will make an effort and combine it with Male extra, I am sure you will reap your rewards. I hope my Male extra review can help you in any way possible when it comes to improving your sexual performance.



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This is a review of Extenze, click below if you are looking for:


There is a lot of negative feedback about Extenze so I’ve decided to write an Extenze review to know more about the product.  Reports about scams and side effects caught my interest so I have to dig deeper to be able to create an accurate Extenze review.

I have written so many reviews about male enhancement products specially the top of the line products in the market. extenze reviews

Men have always been concerned about their penis size, making the male enhancement products became a very profitable market.

And you know what usually happens next after that?  Unscrupulous marketers will exploit our insecurities and will try to rip us off.

Extenze just got to be a little bit interesting because it should belong amongst the top product.  And of course, top products normally have a very few negative feedbacks.

However, there have been cases were Extenze side effects and Extenze Scams have been reported.  Actually it is the only product I know (among the top male enhancement pills) that caught the attention of BBB or Better Business Bureau.


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My Extenze Review – What can Extenze really do for you?

Extenze promises to give you a harder and bigger erection, you will experience “electrifying” orgasms and increased stamina during sex.  All this for only a pill per day.

I guess this doesn’t sound right, I have been taking male enhancement pills and usually the dosage is 2 to 3 pills per day.  Also, if you have visited its official website or read other Extenze review, you will be confused as to how the product really works.

Some Extenze review states that it can increase your penis size, some review says that it can improve your semen volume and some review claims that it can do both.

There are actually two ways to enhance your sex life.  One is to increase your penis, the best solution for those who are born with “mini me” kind of problem and the other way is to increase your ejaculation volume, this is best for men who are getting old and for men who have been born with erectile and ejaculation issues.

To end all confusion, I asked my co-worker who have tried the product.  He said that it actually helped him improve his stamina and erection time.  He even mentioned that he can perform longer hours of sex and experience the ultimate orgasm.

But when I asked if his penis increased and if his semen volume increased, his answer is NO.  My co-worker even pointed out that he stopped using the product because he has been experiencing frequent headaches.


extenze reviews


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Are there any Extenze Side Effects?

There are reports blaming the product that it can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting and headaches.  It was also confirmed that some ingredients contained in the product can cause side effects.  Ingredients like Yohimbe and Tribulus Terrestris.

However, we can’t really tell if the product is causing these problems.  You have to take note that the ingredients may cause side effects if taken alone and if you take too much of it.

Extenze argues that its product is perfectly blended to ensure that you won’t get any side effects.


The List of Ingredients



1-Arginine Hydrocloride

Tribulus Terrestris

Horny goat weed



Micronized DHEA

Cinidium monnier


Hops Extract


Stinging Nettle

Korean Ginseng Extract





Eleutherococcus Extract

Black Pepper

Piper Longum


Pumpkin seed

Xanthroparmelia scarbosa


Ho Shou Wu Extract


Yohimbe extract

Velvet Deer Antler


Licorice Extract


Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

Muira Pauma Extract



By far this is the male enhancer that has so many ingredients.  But only a few of the ingredients can be found in other top male enhancers like Zinc, Muira Pauma, Horny Goat Weed, Damiana and Tribulus Terrestris.  I don’t have an idea how they have blended all these compounds to produce an “effective” pill.


Click here to visit ExtenZe official Website


Is it a SCAM?

extenze reviewsI don’t think so.  I’ve heard that their money back guarantee offer is pretty much reliable.  However, there are some inconsistencies in its ads and almost everything seems to be so hyped up about the product.

Would you really believe one of its testimonials wherein a woman said that she will be forced to leave her husband if he stops taking Extenze?  Also, taking one pill per day and all your sexual problems will be gone.  It does not even recommend that you do penis exercises.

These are some of the reason why some customers believe that the product is indeed a rip off.  Although it didn’t fulfill much of its promises, I didn’t consider it a scam because it can still help you enhance your sex life.

So to make my Extenze review useful, I’ve listed the advantages and disadvantages of the product (This is based on my personal assessment and the information I’ve gathered).


Extenze Advantages

    extenze reviews

    • Intense and better Orgasm.
    • You won’t worry about Premature ejaculation.
    • Increased stamina and longer erection time.
    • 60 day money back guarantee.


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Extenze Disadvantages

    • It doesn’t have an all natural ingredient although they claim otherwise. (You can refer to the list of ingredients I’ve provided.)
    • It won’t increase your penis size.
    • No free shipping.
    • The package does not include a free male enhancement exercise program unlike what most top male enhancer have in their package.


I have repeteadly pointed out the importance of male enhancement exercises in my articles.  If you want to get the best result, however, I have created a comprehensive exercise program which is guarateed to help you increase your penis size.

All you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter (Its on the right) and I will send the male enhancement exercise eBook completely free of charge.


The conclusion for my Extenze Review

I can say that in my Extenze Review I found out that the product is not a scam.  There are other male enhancement products that are worse than this.  However, I cannot say that it belongs to the top male enhancers either.

The ingredients revealed are a bit shady and vague.  It is also hard to understand how all those ingredients were blended.  Having said that, Extenze have been in the market for a long time now and it also have helped many customers as well.

Even though it doesn’t have the best ingredients for enhancing your sexual prowess, it still works and it is one of the affordable brands out there.

The bright side is it offers a 60 day refund and one of the good thing about Extenze is it does process the refund once you return the package if you are not satisfied with the result therefore you can actually try it.  It is risk free.

It only requires that you take one pill a day and that is a lot of savings since most male enhancers requires you to take two to three pills a day.  Thank you for reading my Extenze Review and I hope you’ve learned something from it.


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