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According to study, men over 40 have a hard time giving their partners the needed orgasm.  Vices such as smoking, drinking, drug abuse and any other unhealthy habits may have taken its toll. semenax reviews

The worse consequence of it is the decline in testosterone level and decrease in semen volume.  Read my Semenax review to know more about how to overcome this problem.

Sexual related problems such as low sex drive and premature ejaculation can be caused by vices mentioned above.  Moreover, there are just men who were not gifted to have a sexual stamina and ejaculation control needed to keep their partners satisfied.

We always thought that having the bigger penis can do it all.  Well, guess what, we thought wrong.  You also need the stamina, good amount of semen and control over ejaculation.  My Semenax review is one of my reviews concerning volume enhancers.

This Semenax review will tackle issues about the efficacy of volume enhancers, whether there are Semenax Scams, regarding issues about side effects and a lot more.


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Semenax Review – What does the product offer?

You may have seen the ads to promote the product.  You may have noticed the promises of surpassing a porn star if you take Semenax pills continuously.  Well, I am not an advertiser and I am not going to feed you with hyped up information.

The product claims it can increase the volume of your semen by up to 500%.  But to set your expectation, consider an increase about 200%.

That way it looks achievable.  500% increase is too much I think, I even joked around that I don’t take Volume enhancers because I don’t want my wife to think that my penis is like to a drinking fountain.  That’s what 500% increase in semen volume will actually do.  (Considering if the ads are true!)

This kind of Volume enhancer can also give a good blood flow in to your penis.  It’s the reason why I believe that Semenax can give you harder and bigger erections.

The product also contains herbs utilized by our ancestors to increase sexual stamina and sex drive.  Therefore, I also think that the product can indeed help you finish the rounds with multiple orgasms.

Some Semenax review however, claimed that the product can do more: Like it can increase your penis length and width.  But it will never do that.  The product is not a male enlargement pill.

I’ve asked a “sex guru” in male enhancement forums to solidify my claims in my Semenax review.

The guy said he knows a lot about the product and he said it works.  It can even help in treating Erectile Dysfunction and infertility.  But, he said that some top male enhancements are considered by buyers to be more superior because most male enhancement enthusiasts are more concerned about the penis size rather than semen volume.

More importantly, he mentioned that there are Semenax reported side effects and scams.  So most consumers don’t want to take any risk and didn’t give the product a chance to prove its worth.


semenax reviews


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Semenax ingredients

    • TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS – It exhibits impressive qualities in naturally helping the quantity of Alteration in hormones, thus growing the creation of testosterone in your body around 30%.semenax reviews
    • ZINC OXIDE – Can enhance volume of sperm from 80% to 200% by means of aiding testosterone synthesis.
    • MUIRA PUAMA – is principally recognized for the effective assist with impotence problems and making the most of libido so that as a great aphrodisiac.
    • L-ARGININE – Studies have proven sperm and ejaculation volume increases, sperm fertility enhances, and semen health insurance and activity boost through supplements.
    • HAWTHORNE – Includes effective herbal anti-oxidants and organic bio flavonoids which support the healthiness of your whole heart. This specific plant can help control both everywhere bloodstream pressure levels, together with gradually putting on lower cholesterol and fats inside the body.
    • CATUABA BARK – An herb from Brazil which boosts the libido, and feeds the whole body in addition to therefore enhances healthy sexual functionality.
    • SWEDISH FLOWER – It provides you with all the bio factors which are precursors for the sex the body’s hormones, as well as micro-nutrition required for wholesome reproductive organ.
    • L-CARNITINE –studies proved that this ingredient can increase sperm mutility.

These extra elements can substantially raise the part of very motile semen: HORNY GOAT WEED, SARSAPARILLA, CRANBERRY EXTRACT, L-LYSINE, PINE BARK EXTRACT, AVENA SATIVA EXTRACT, PUMPKIN SEED, E Vitamin, and MACA


What about the reported side effects?

semenax reviewsIngredients like L-Carnitine, Tribulus Terrestris and Arginine can affect the normal functions of the stomach.  L-Carnitine is reported to cause vomiting, headache and stomach upsets.

Argine can cause allergic reactions if you are taking it together with a hypertension medication.  Tribulus Terrestris can cause stomach anxiety which can be resolve by eating.

It really is not much but having a full stomach during sex is not a good idea.

These are side effects associated with the individual ingredients; however it was not proven that Semenax is the culprit when customers reported these side effects.


Here is a summary of advantages and disadvantages in my Semenax Review


    • In the end, you will have great ejaculation volume.
    • Stronger erections and ejaculation control for multiple orgasm to be achieved.
    • You’ll get $125 bonus offer plus free shipping on orders more than 3 months.
    • 60 days money back guarantee


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    • There are negative customer feedbacks.
    • There are reported side effects.
    • It is NOT a male enlargement pill.  So never expect that it can increase your penis size no matter what the ads and other Semenax review claims..



My Final words for my Semenax Review

Although it has been proven that the product is not a scam, customers are still concerned about the reported side effects.  In my opinion, all ingredients including the natural ingredients can cause side effects if you take too much of it.

Semenax have scientist to take care of the pills formulation therefore you should not get any negative effects if they have it perfectly blended.  The best solution here is for you to see your doctor before you try the product.

One thing holds true in this Semenax Review; that the product can help you with your ejaculation, erection strength and sexual stamina issues.


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