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I have come across a Performer5 review and it claims that the product is a scam.

I got interested about the true nature of the product since I know a friend who has been using the product and he has a different opinion.

So I created my own Performer5 review to understand the product’s ups and downs.

performer5 reviewsThe first question that crossed my mind was “Why are some customers dissatisfied about the product?” I haven’t tried the product myself so this Performer5 review will be totally based on research and my friend’s personal experience.


The true nature of the Performer5

Male enhancement comes in many different forms. There are penis enlargement, penis enhancers and volume enhancers. The product being reviewed right now belongs to the volume enhancers.

Volumes enhancers were created due to the premise that not all men wants to increase the penis size simply because they are already satisfied with their length and girth. However, something is missing during the time they have sex. They have a low quantity of ejaculation.

According to medical experts, low semen volume can lead to unsatisfactory sex life because most men who have this problem don’t have ejaculation control and they have a low erection time. In addition, their erection strength is not fully maximized leading to a rather limp penis during sex.



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How does the Performer5 work?

performer5 reviewsPerformer5 has ingredients that would help increase your semen volume. Zinc is the major ingredient of this product along with other ingredients that can help boost your stamina and erection strength.

I am going to list down all the ingredients in this Performer5 review later on. What’s important for now is for you to understand that the product is basically focused on increasing the semen volume and not increasing the penis size.

So, by taking 3 pills every day, you should be able to: improve your erection size, increase your semen volume 5x more and also increase your sex drive. It will increase your testosterone levels so you are constantly on the go when your partner asks for it.


The lack of ejaculation control resolved – my personal interview in this Performer5 review

I need a person who has actually tried the product so I asked my friend, Todd, to share his experience. Contrary to some of the Performer5 review, my friend is actually happy of the result. He said that his semen volume did increase and his penis health improved as well.

He said that the pill can took care of increasing the sperm volume, however for increased blood flow and for firmer erection one has to follow the free penis exercises. He confessed that a good amount of sperm coming out after orgasm is very important.

He used to be embarrassed before when droplets of sperm come out after sex. But everything has changed now, he claims. His confidence grew every time he had sex. The control and the powerful ejaculation he possesses now makes him look and feel more confident and “strong”.


performer5 reviews


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Here are the major Performer5 ingredients

    • Zinc Gluconate and Zinc Aspartate
      Studies done by USDA discovered that the properties found in this ingredient are responsible for keeping your semen healthy.

      To make sure that your semen volume will increase by up to 500%, the manufacturers of the product gives your 150mg of zinc every time you swallow a pill.

      Other benefit of Zinc is it boosts your testosterone levels. It has also been established that men who take zinc supplements produced healthier and more semen after 4 to 6 weeks.

    • Pomegranate
      This ingredient has been proven to increase Nitric Oxide. (NO) is responsible for sustaining a healthy blood flow in to your penis.

      Why do you need a healthy blood flow? It is what separates men who can perform for hours with rock solid erections from men who can’t last in five minutes. I hope you got the idea how important that is.

      And with Performer5 you’ll get 125mg of Pomegranate per serving, it is enough even if you’ll have sex with 3 to 5 different partners in one night. Though I don’t recommend that, I am just trying to make a point.

    • L-arginine
      it will make your erection harder, given that it is mixed together with Pomegranate. You’ll get 500mg per serving.

    • Mucuna Pruriens
      This herb will help you improve your sexual performance and increase your libido. You’ll get 25mg per serving, not too much of it since other ingredients have the same components.

    • Creatine Monohydrate
      This will help you fight fatigue. In other words, this ingredient will keep you going. 35mg is all you get per serving, enough for a 24hr marathon on the weekends!



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I believe that the product is not a scam. Whoever thought that it is a scam might have thought that Performer5 can do more than what it promised. Here’s a list of the product’s advantages and disadvantages to end all confusion.


Performer5 Advantages

    • It will give you 500% increase in semen volume.
    • It can enhance your sexual performance. (Longer sex, harder erections and multiple orgasms.)
    • It can cure impotency.
    • Bonuses: Free Vit5, free shipping, free sample of male extra, free online access to LoveCentria and lastly a free DVD about sexual stimulations and positions.
      6 months money back guarantee.


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Performer5 Disadvantages

    • Here’s the interesting part. Performer5 is not a male enlargement pill. So even if you will take 3 pills a day for 6 months, your penis will not grow bigger either in length or girth. Please take note of this since I believe that this is the most important info in this Performer5 review.
    • Also, you can’t buy this product over the counter. Your only option is online purchase.


The conclusion

Well, that’s about it. I have clearly stated what the product can do and what it CAN’T do. If you want to try the product, go ahead. Take advantage of the money back guarantee. Also, I can guarantee that the ingredients are natural and there are no side effects. Believe me because I did a thorough research for this Performer5 review.


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