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There is a lot of negative feedback about Extenze so I’ve decided to write an Extenze review to know more about the product.  Reports about scams and side effects caught my interest so I have to dig deeper to be able to create an accurate Extenze review.

I have written so many reviews about male enhancement products specially the top of the line products in the market. extenze reviews

Men have always been concerned about their penis size, making the male enhancement products became a very profitable market.

And you know what usually happens next after that?  Unscrupulous marketers will exploit our insecurities and will try to rip us off.

Extenze just got to be a little bit interesting because it should belong amongst the top product.  And of course, top products normally have a very few negative feedbacks.

However, there have been cases were Extenze side effects and Extenze Scams have been reported.  Actually it is the only product I know (among the top male enhancement pills) that caught the attention of BBB or Better Business Bureau.


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My Extenze Review – What can Extenze really do for you?

Extenze promises to give you a harder and bigger erection, you will experience “electrifying” orgasms and increased stamina during sex.  All this for only a pill per day.

I guess this doesn’t sound right, I have been taking male enhancement pills and usually the dosage is 2 to 3 pills per day.  Also, if you have visited its official website or read other Extenze review, you will be confused as to how the product really works.

Some Extenze review states that it can increase your penis size, some review says that it can improve your semen volume and some review claims that it can do both.

There are actually two ways to enhance your sex life.  One is to increase your penis, the best solution for those who are born with “mini me” kind of problem and the other way is to increase your ejaculation volume, this is best for men who are getting old and for men who have been born with erectile and ejaculation issues.

To end all confusion, I asked my co-worker who have tried the product.  He said that it actually helped him improve his stamina and erection time.  He even mentioned that he can perform longer hours of sex and experience the ultimate orgasm.

But when I asked if his penis increased and if his semen volume increased, his answer is NO.  My co-worker even pointed out that he stopped using the product because he has been experiencing frequent headaches.


extenze reviews


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Are there any Extenze Side Effects?

There are reports blaming the product that it can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting and headaches.  It was also confirmed that some ingredients contained in the product can cause side effects.  Ingredients like Yohimbe and Tribulus Terrestris.

However, we can’t really tell if the product is causing these problems.  You have to take note that the ingredients may cause side effects if taken alone and if you take too much of it.

Extenze argues that its product is perfectly blended to ensure that you won’t get any side effects.


The List of Ingredients



1-Arginine Hydrocloride

Tribulus Terrestris

Horny goat weed



Micronized DHEA

Cinidium monnier


Hops Extract


Stinging Nettle

Korean Ginseng Extract





Eleutherococcus Extract

Black Pepper

Piper Longum


Pumpkin seed

Xanthroparmelia scarbosa


Ho Shou Wu Extract


Yohimbe extract

Velvet Deer Antler


Licorice Extract


Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

Muira Pauma Extract



By far this is the male enhancer that has so many ingredients.  But only a few of the ingredients can be found in other top male enhancers like Zinc, Muira Pauma, Horny Goat Weed, Damiana and Tribulus Terrestris.  I don’t have an idea how they have blended all these compounds to produce an “effective” pill.


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Is it a SCAM?

extenze reviewsI don’t think so.  I’ve heard that their money back guarantee offer is pretty much reliable.  However, there are some inconsistencies in its ads and almost everything seems to be so hyped up about the product.

Would you really believe one of its testimonials wherein a woman said that she will be forced to leave her husband if he stops taking Extenze?  Also, taking one pill per day and all your sexual problems will be gone.  It does not even recommend that you do penis exercises.

These are some of the reason why some customers believe that the product is indeed a rip off.  Although it didn’t fulfill much of its promises, I didn’t consider it a scam because it can still help you enhance your sex life.

So to make my Extenze review useful, I’ve listed the advantages and disadvantages of the product (This is based on my personal assessment and the information I’ve gathered).


Extenze Advantages

    extenze reviews

    • Intense and better Orgasm.
    • You won’t worry about Premature ejaculation.
    • Increased stamina and longer erection time.
    • 60 day money back guarantee.


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Extenze Disadvantages

    • It doesn’t have an all natural ingredient although they claim otherwise. (You can refer to the list of ingredients I’ve provided.)
    • It won’t increase your penis size.
    • No free shipping.
    • The package does not include a free male enhancement exercise program unlike what most top male enhancer have in their package.


I have repeteadly pointed out the importance of male enhancement exercises in my articles.  If you want to get the best result, however, I have created a comprehensive exercise program which is guarateed to help you increase your penis size.

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The conclusion for my Extenze Review

I can say that in my Extenze Review I found out that the product is not a scam.  There are other male enhancement products that are worse than this.  However, I cannot say that it belongs to the top male enhancers either.

The ingredients revealed are a bit shady and vague.  It is also hard to understand how all those ingredients were blended.  Having said that, Extenze have been in the market for a long time now and it also have helped many customers as well.

Even though it doesn’t have the best ingredients for enhancing your sexual prowess, it still works and it is one of the affordable brands out there.

The bright side is it offers a 60 day refund and one of the good thing about Extenze is it does process the refund once you return the package if you are not satisfied with the result therefore you can actually try it.  It is risk free.

It only requires that you take one pill a day and that is a lot of savings since most male enhancers requires you to take two to three pills a day.  Thank you for reading my Extenze Review and I hope you’ve learned something from it.


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