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This is a review of Instant Performer, click below if you are looking for:


Read my Instant Performer review and learn if you can truly enhance your penis in just 40 seconds. instant performer review There are male enhancement products that promise to give you longer and harder erections and there are also products that promise to give you extra strength and endurance during sex. 

Instant Performer claims to be able to give you both; in just 40 seconds!

Now, you should be asking; is this really possible?  So, in my Instant Performer review, I interviewed someone who have been using the product and asked him if the product’s claims are true.

“The Forty second miracle is not what you think it is”, said Dan.  He has been using the Instant Performer to enhance his sex life and he said that he is quite satisfied with it.  But here’s the catch, your penis will not increase in merely 40 seconds!


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In this Instant Performer review Dan revealed what the product can really offer.

You may achieve a rock solid erection when and where you want it.  You may have a stronger orgasm.  You may triple your stamina.  And, yes, you may have all these in 40 seconds.

But all these are possible after you have done the exercise program known as PenisHealth.  It is a natural penis enlargement program that can add length and girth to your penis, give you full control of you ejaculation and add the strength and stamina during sex.


What about the 40 second miracle?

Dan revealed that rubbing the oil in your penis before you have sex can enhance your performance after 40 second.  This is the average time that your penis reacts to the formula, however if you haven’t done the penis exercises, the result is not that visible.instant performer review

According to Dan, this specific male enhancement product is comparable to the energy boosters or energy supplements that athletes take before the competition.  It can enhance their performance but the base of their strength is their training.

Therefore, Instant Performer will not give you the desired result without properly conditioning your penis.


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I have listed some helpful information in my Instant Performer Review.


The products Ingredients.

The products ingredients have been proven to increase virility generation after generation.  These ingredients are:

    • L-Arginine, Panax Ginseng
    • Gingko Biloba
    • Vitamin C
    • Muira Pauma
    • Catuaba Bark Extract
    • Chinese Dodder Seed Extract
    • Horny Goat weed
    • Pomegranate or “Nature’s Viagra”



The product’s Advantages

    • Online access to penis enlargement programs.instant performer review
    • Male enhancement exercises DVD.
    • Free and discreet shipping.
    • 180 days money back guarantee.


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The Disadvantages

    • The ingredients are not well blended to give a lasting result.
    • The product is useless if you will not do the Penis enhancement exercises.
    • Some customers say that they experience burning sensation after rubbing the oil.


My Verdict.

I can guarantee that Instant Performer is not a Scam.  Some reviews might have mislead most consumers but I made it clear in my Instant Performer Review that it is obvious the product can give you the result.  All you have to do is follow and complete the exercise program first before you expect for the “amazing” result.


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This is a review of Virility Pills, click below if you are looking for:


virility pills reviewsIn some male enhancement forums, it has been debated if Virility Pills Reviews are scam!  The reviews have been the object of discussion because it tries to influence the consumers by giving misleading promises.

In the world of male enhancement, there is another product which claims to solve your sexual issues.  Virility Pills, like most male enhancer pills, promises to increase your penis length and girth.  It also guarantees to give you a rock solid erection.


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Here’s what you will find in most Virility Pills Reviews.


The product can increase your penis size up to 3.5 inches and widen your girth up to 25%.  It should also give you the stamina and endurance needed for longer hours of sex.

It boasts that its highly potent ingredients can do all that it promised.  A virility pill is packed with Muira Pauma, Velvel Deer Antler, Gingko Biloba, Panax Ginseng, Cayenne Fruit and Yohimbe.

virility pills reviewsIf you have been doing some research about male enhancement pills, you can actually identify that most of its ingredients can be found in various male enhancement brands.

Those ingredients mentioned have been utilized as testosterone booster.  Some of it increases the blood flow in your penis.


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I asked someone who used the product.  He doesn’t want to divulge his name so we may just call him John.

He said that he tried the product after reading a few Virility Pills Reviews because it is cheaper compared to other male enhancement products.


Here are John’s lists of the product’s Pros and Cons.


    • It can increase your penis size.
    • It can help you control orgasm.
    • It has a free bottle of Liquid Rx and free access to romance guide for every purchase of six bottles.
    • It has a 90 days money back guarantee offer


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    • It has less potent ingredients compared to other brands.
    • No free shipping and handling.
    • The main site is not very informative in terms of how the product can do what is say it can do.
    • There are less positive testimonials if you visit male enhancement forums.


virility pills reviewsJohn explained that although the product is cheaper, it may cost you the same amount if you will try the more popular male enhancement pills like VigRx Plus.  He believes so because Virility pills is quite slow in giving you the result.  He eventually returned the product before the 90 day period is over.

Good thing is he got his refund.  So at least, it is safe to say that the product is not a scam.


Virility Pills Reviews vs My own principle in increasing your penis size.


The reviews tell you that the product can do this and that but it doesn’t show you how it can do it.  Moreover, I have always believed that hard work pays off.  Virility Pills Reviews promises you “miracles” at a cheaper price. If you are the lazy type of mammal, you would easily buy that.

But there is no such thing; you need to do the male enhancement exercises so you can have a lasting result.  I mixed up the pills with exercises and it’s the reason why I got to have a big mojo.


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This is a review of Vivaxa, click below if you are looking for:


Do male enhancement creams work? The ever growing popularity of male enhancement products paved the way for more male enhancement methods to be developed. Over a decade ago, male enhancement pills overshadowed penis surgery and the painful process of male extenders.

Now, another “revolutionary” product claimed to be better than male enhancement pills.

I created my Vivaxa Review to examine the truth about this male enhancement cream’s efficacy.


Vivaxa: the cream which claims it can buy you more time.


vivaxa reviewVivaxa is a male enhancement cream. There are male enhancements that promise to increase your penis length and girth and there are male enhancements that promise to boost your stamina and sexual prowess.

Vivaxa belongs to the latter. It promises to increase your stamina for you to be able to withstand long hours of sex.

In this Vivaxa review, I found out that the product’s principle is to increase your stamina if so you can give your woman the big “O”. Its principle is base on the belief that most women are already satisfied with the average penis size.


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However, because men tend to engage in vices such as smoking, alcoholism or even drug addiction it somehow affects their endurance during sex. Thus, if you think you belong to this group of men, you have to apply Vivaxa on your dick before you have sex.


How to effectively use the product.


Matter of fact, it is very easy to use. Just rubdown a small amount of cream on your mojo for about 10 minutes before sex.

vivaxa reviewNonetheless, to improve its effectiveness, the manufacturers suggest that you have to use it 4 to 6 times per week. Clearly, you have to use it even if you don’t have to have sex. Unless you engage in sexual activities 6 days a week, I find it rather uncomfortable.

I tried to list the ingredients for my Vivaxa review to be worth a read but I did not find a comprehensive list of its ingredients.

Which I thought to be rather awkward since most customers are concerned about what the cream contains so they would know if they are allergic to it or to whatever purpose it would serve them.


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The best I can do is look at the back of the bottle so I can at least show you the ingredients for my Vivaxa Review.

So it contains: Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Water, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Isobutylparaben, Menthol, Lactic Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate, Hydrogenated Lecithin and so on.

I didn’t complete the whole list but I am pretty sure that you got the idea. The product does not use 100% natural ingredients. It only means that Vivaxa is not better than any male enhancement pills which uses an all natural ingredients.


What can I say about Male enhancement creams?

vivaxa reviewWell, in my Vivaxa Review, I can’t give a general conclusion about the “creams”. But it is somewhat obvious that you can opt out of using Vivaxa and try male enhancement supplements instead. However, since this product offers a 180 day money back guarantee, you can try it and decide if it suits your needs.


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This is a VigRx Oil Review, click below if you are looking for:


Have you ever thought that you have a small penis? You do have an undersized tool if it did ever occur that you’ve thought about it. Do you know why? Because men who have big cocks are totally confident and they don’t even bother to think about their gift.

Thinking about having a small “willy” come about after a boring sex. Guilty? Most men are but we tend to make excuses. Read my VigRx Oil review and it just might help you get over with your sexual insecurities.


My VigRx Oil Review introduces yet another kind of male enhancement.

vigrx oil review


The product being reviewed is actually unlike the common male enhancers to date, which is the male enhancement pill. VigRx Oil can give you a harder, bigger and longer erection.

It will give you the intense orgasm that you have been longing for. And you can use it only when you are about to have sex.


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Your common concerns answered in this VigRx Oil Review.

The product is water based. It means that it won’t take away oral sex like most male enhancement oils or lotions do. It is also well-suited for condoms if you are into safe sex.

To use VigRx Oil, simply massage your penis with the oil until you get a bigger erection. If you want to be creative, do some genital stimulation to even boost your erection.

vigrx oil reviewBear in mind that if you do have an open wound or anything similar near or within the penis area, you should not use this product. The oil might cause painful sensation once it comes in contact with an open wound.

The product uses an all natural ingredient so it is basically safe but there might be some ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. Hence, it is also the best idea to consult your doctor.


The ingredients of VigRx Oil are relatively the same but not as potent as its sister product, the VigRx Plus. These are: Muira Pauma, Asian Red Ginseng, Catuaba Bark extract, Hawthorn berry, Epemedium leaf Extract, Gingko Biloba and Cuscuta seed.

These ingredients have been used time and again by our ancestors to increase their sexual gratification, prolonged erection, and promote sexual activity.


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The most important thing to consider revealed in this VigRx Oil Review.


Don’t ever believe other reviews which say that this product can increase your penis length. It will give you harder erections once more blood flows into your penis, but it will not magically grow your penis.vigrx oil review

If you really want to increase your penis size to gain confidence during sex, you should consider using VigRx plus Pills instead. It comes with a penis exercise program that should be integrated with regular intake of the pills.

It should be clear now that in this VigRx Oil Review the product is not an alternative for male enlargement supplements like what other reviews claim.

Bottom line: If your insecurity is all about your penis going limp before orgasm, then VigRx Oil can help you. However, if you have a more serious problem like possessing a small penis, you need more time and effort and a more potent male enhancer to help you.


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This article is about VigRx Plus Ingredients, click below if you are looking for:


vigrx plus ingredientsAlmost 80% of male enhancement pills don’t work! Do you know the reason why? Because most of its ingredients are not potent enough to give you the result.

VigRx Plus, arguably the best male enhancement pill, brags about its efficacy and safety. So, let’s take a closer look at the VigRx Plus Ingredients and find out if it is the secret of the product’s ever growing success.


These are the VigRx Plus Ingredients

    • Bioperine – increases the bioavailability of nutritional elements. This ingredient enhances the intake rate of any ingredients that is bonded with it. Basically, it makes the other ingredients more potent.vigrx plus ingredients
    • Epimedium – affects testosterone discharge rate, increasing your sexual desires and sexual stamina.
    • Cuscuta – it decreases your sperm mortality rate. Ancient tribes use this ingredient to cure impotency and used during fertility rituals.
    • Gingko Biloba – Increases blood flow and helps the penis oxygenation levels to help you avoid early manifestations of impotency.
    • Catuaba Bark Extract – this ingredient primarily increases your sexual cravings. Tribesmen use this ingredient to experience sensual visions.
    • Hawthorn berry – It increases oxygen levels and blood circulation to our cardiovascular system.
    • Muira Pauma – increases sexual desire and improves men’s endurance.
    • Asian Red Ginseng – It is widely used in Asia to increase stamina and believed to have aphrodisiacal components.
    • Damiana – helps prolong erection and increases sexual desire.
    • Saw Palmetto – It has been utilized to cure early signs of penile infection and helps develop hormonal balance.


Some of the VigRx Plus Ingredients can be found in other male enhancement pills. However, medical experts say that the success of the product relies mainly on its unique formulation.

The herbs coming from Asia, South America and Europe has been perfectly blended to form a very effective male enhancement pill. Moreover, since all the ingredients are natural, it is 100% safe to use.


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VigRx Plus Ingredients compared to other male enhancement supplements.

Other male enhancement pills may have utilized the same ingredients but it is evident that VigRx Plus stands out among the rest. These ingredients, although they are all natural, may cause side effects or allergic reactions if not properly mixed together.

vigrx plus ingredientsIt is widely known that most male enhancement pills don’t work. Worse, some have reported side effects. Gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular issues and irritation have been experienced by some customers who tried other brands.

These things happen because of the lack of knowledge to manipulate the herb’s compounds. Choice of ingredients and formulation should always go hand in hand to form an effective supplement.

This should depend on years of research and study. VigRx, since its release in 2000, made some changes to improve its efficacy. VigRx before it became VigRx Plus does not have Bioperine in it.

Although this specific ingredient didn’t contribute to improve male’s sexuality, it helped increase the absorption rate of other ingredients by 30%. This is the key to the product’s success. This is the reason why VigRx Plus Ingredients are more effective than other male enhancement pills.


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This is article is about VigRx Plus Scam, click below if you are looking for:


vigrx plus scamBefore I tried using VigRx Plus, I also took into consideration the possibility of a VigRx Plus Scam. FYI 8 out of 10 male enhancement products are Scam! Many male enhancement customers already know this issue but they still fall into a trap.

Male enhancement already caught the eye of most men. And, crafty businessmen won’t slip away this opportunity. They will device whatever scheme in order to entice us to purchase their product.


Here’s how we can find out if VigRx Plus Scam exists.

Top male enhancement scams to avoid

Credit card rip offs. This is usually done by new products promoting themselves as the best in the business. They will guarantee that it is totally safe to handover your credit card information during credit card qualification. Without you knowing, they have already enrolled you in a yearly subscription.

vigrx plus scam“Sugar” Pills. This is type of male enhancers don’t work. Period. The company will give you a bonus offer, a male enhancement exercise program and will guarantee a result around 2 to 4 months.

If by some chance, your penile function improved, it is because of the male enhancement exercise program you have been doing religiously. The pills have nothing to do with it.

Money back guarantee. If a company offers a money back guarantee, especially the new ones in the business, try to call their toll free number first. If no one answers it, don’t even bother to try their product. Chances are they don’t have a customer support to process your refund.


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So, does VigRx Plus Scam?

This brand has come a long way before it was embraced by the customers and the critics. This product has been in the business for 11 years now. It is continually improving since its first release on 2000.

To date, there is no VigRx Plus Scam. Before I purchased the product, I checked on customer testimonials, male enhancement forums, and I also check the reorder rates.

It has more positive testimonials, more good feedbacks from forums and most importantly, it has the largest number of reorder rates.

vigrx plus scamYou can argue that positive testimonials and forum feedbacks can be manipulated by advertisers. But you can’t deny the fact that if many people reordered the product, it simply means it’s doing its thing.

Also, most male enhancement pills claims to resolve all your sexual problems by just religiously swallowing their pill. VigRx Plus recommends that you have to do the penis enlargement exercises so you can get the best result.

Unlike one of the scams that I have mentioned previously, many already used VigRx Plus without doing penile exercises and they say it worked. The product only encourages their customers to do so because it still believes that the penile exercises can help greatly help in increasing your length.

There might be VigRx Plus Scam being reported but I can assure you that it may be a coming from a competitor dying to eliminate the competition. Trust those men who reordered the product since they are a lot more in number than those saying that “VigRx Plus Scam!”


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This is a Maxiderm review, click below if you are looking for:


Male enhancement patch is a scam! It has never been proven to work and it will never work. This is according to the medical experts who don’t believe that the transdermal method works. Read my Maxiderm review then decide whether you would want to try penis enlargement patches.


The questionable Transdermal Technology.

Transdermal technology is the principle applied by male enhancement patches. This principle has been utilized by cigarette patches before it was tried on penis enlargement patches. It uses the pores of the skin as its gateway to the blood vessel.maxiderm review

To simply put it, you won’t need your stomach to break down the ingredients in the pill for it to be distributed in your system. The patch is already packed with ingredients that can be readily distributed in your bodily system.

And, a few medical experts believe that this is an even better way to allocate the ingredients because it can dramatically increased the intake rate of the ingredients.


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The flipside revealed in my Maxiderm Review.

Some doctors don’t believe the usefulness of transdermal technology because of the “very tiny” pores we have in our skin. They have indicated that the principle is only viable if the ingredients can indeed pass through the pores which they believe is impossible.

maxiderm reviewIt won’t actually harm you but it will do you no good either merely because there are no foreign radicals entering your body.

However, the product has been clinically tested and the people who did the experiment said it worked. There are also some users who dared to use the patch and according to them it worked.

If you are quite confused whether the patch works or not, I’d say that it won’t hurt if you give it a try. Maxiderm offers a 60 money back guarantee and I think it is more than enough for you to see if the product works or not.

If the product works, well, here’s the list of benefits.

Harder a bigger erections.

Increased Stamina.

Top of the line sexual performance.


Here’s the product’s List of Advantages and Disadvantages in my Maxiderm Review.


    • The process is believed to be faster. So it should be able to enhance your penis in no timemaxiderm review
    • Uses all natural ingredients so it is safe to use.
    • 2 month money back guarantee
    • Easy to hide and easy to use
    • There are bonus offers and there is free shipping


Click here to BUY Maxiderm Now!



    • Maxiderm is only available online and you need to have a valid credit card as your only ordering option.
    • The process is basically new and it poses a lot of questions in terms of efficacy.



I have also included a list of ingredients in this Maxiderm Review.

    • Horny Goat Weed – it is a well known aphrodisiac. It has been used by our ancestors during some of their fertility rituals.
    • Cuscuta Seed – It has been found that this specific ingredient can increase your semen volume.
    • Saw Palmetto – this ingredient promotes a good blood flow in the penis area.

Other ingredients that acts as aphrodisiacs are: Muira Pauma, Asian Red Ginseng, Catuaba bark and Hawthorn berry.

I hope I was able to shed some light regarding the issue about Patches in this Maxiderm Review.


The thing is, you would never know something works unless you try it. Though some may claim it can never work, others may say otherwise. I hope this Maxiderm Review will help you decide.


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This is a review of top male enhancement pills, click below if you are looking for:


Bogus male enhancers may sound like they are qualified to be on the top male enhancement pills list. This is the magic of advertisement. No wonder why companies would spend millions to get their products advertised efficiently.

Customers are willing to try those products because they were led to believe that those products work. I have been using male enhancement pills and I am proactively seeking other pills that work.

I have friends who have shared their insights, reliable testimonials, pills recommended in male enhancement forums and my own personal experience to help me create a correct list of top male enhancement pills.

This will be very helpful because you no longer have to do a research of your own and you no longer have to worry about misleading information (Please check my do not buy list on another diagram). My criteria for this list are efficacy, safety, customer support, refund policy, and reorder rate.






  VigRX Plus MaleExtra Pro Solution Vimax Pills
Over All Rating: 5/5 4.5/5 4/5 4/5
Results: Excellent Very Good Very Good Very Good
Ingredients: All Natural All Natural All Natural All Natural
Size Gain: 2-4 inches 1-2 inches 1-2 inches 1-2 inches
Money back: 67 days 180 days 180 days 60 days
Support: Excellent Excellent Excellent Very Good
Ease of Refund: Excellent Awerage Awerage Awerage
1 Year Supply: $40.83 / bottle $38.24 / bottle $32.41 / bottle $31.66 / bottle
Discounts: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bonuses: Huge Huge Huge Good
Safety: Excellent Excellent Good Very Good
Reorder Rate Excellent Excellent Good Good
Official website: click here click here click here click here





top male enhancement pillsMy first on the list is VigRx Plus. By far, it is the most effective male enhancer in my opinion. It uses Bioperine, an ingredient which can increase the intake rate of other ingredients by up to 30%.

If you are rather well experienced about male enhancement, you should have known that most well rated male enhancers have almost the same line of ingredients. Therefore, the extra 30% that VigRx Plus can give you proves that it is indeed more potent compared to other pills.

Also, it uses an all natural ingredients and VigRx Plus has perfected its formula. This means that it can get all the best from an ingredient and eliminate the compounds that can harm our bodies.

Its customer support is never offline and its refund policy is great. Although the refund policy was rarely tested due to the fact that almost all customers are satisfied with the result.

Lastly, I may have said in the beginning that VigRx Plus is the best in my opinion but the reorder rate agrees to my opinion as well.

VigRx Plus is number one in reorder rate and I think this criterion alone can already tell you that VigRx Plus belongs to the 1 spot among the top male enhancement pills.


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top male enhancement pillsMy Second best is Male extra Pills. This male enhancement supplement is proven to give the result fast. Not as impressive as VigRx Plus but it sure can give you the inches you need. On top of its high quality and standards, it also offers huge bonuses and its refund policy gives you no trouble at all.


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top male enhancement pillsThe third should be Vimax. Vimax is almost perfect in all five categories yet it falls into number three of one reason, it has reported side effects.

Although it has been proven to help in increasing your penis size and sexual endurance, the manufacturer might have over used the ingredient Tribulus Terrestris causing some irritability issues for some customers on long term use.

This is according to medical experts but these complaints are not verified to be true.


Click here to visit Vimax Pills official Website






While headaches and irritability may not be as harmful, we basically don’t want to experience any discomfort when taking male enhancement pills. Vimax plunge to 3 on my top male enhancement pills list because of its downside in my “safety category.”

My fourth and fifth top male enhancement pills are Prosolution and Sinrex pills. Both these pills offer a double action result. Both pills claimed that they can increase the length and girth and they can heighten your sexual satisfaction by increasing your stamina and semen volume.

One thing has been proven though, those two can indeed help in ejaculation volume but there are few testimonials that both pills can permanently increase penis size. I only think that Prosolution is better than Sinrex because it offers 180 day money back guarantee while Sinrex only offers 90 days.

I have listed the top male enhancement pills in the business and they truly work. But, remember, these products will not give you free male enhancement exercises if they don’t believe that it can help.


So for better results, take the top male enhancement pills according to its prescribed dosage and follow the male enhancement program and you’ll reap your rewards.






  Vivaxa Enzyte MagnaRx


Not worth a try

Not worth a try








Not worth a try

Customer support:



Not worth a try

Refund policy:


Not worth a try

Not worth a try

Reorder Rate:

Not worth a try

Not worth a try

Not worth a try